The Club

The Club

The Gap o’ the North Hill Walking Club was created in January 2011 and is based in the pub of the same name in the village of Jonesborough in South Armagh (M1/A1 Junction 20).

Club Constitution

This  constitution is an amended version of a model constitution supplied by Mountaineering Ireland It was adopted at the inaugural AGM on Sunday 26th June 2011 and subsequently amended at the second AGM on 15th April 2012. CONSTITUTION

1.   Name

1.1   The name of the Club shall be the Gap o’ the North Hillwalking Club – hereinafter referred to as the Club – or An Cumann Síulóid Sléibhe Bhearna Uladh. For all official purposes both English and Irish versions of the name shall be used together on first mention.

2.   Objectives of the club

2.1   To facilitate and increase the enjoyment of hillwalking activities by members of the Club.

2.2   To act as the collective voice of Club members.

2.3   To promote hillwalking in South Armagh, the Cooley Peninsula and adjacent areas and encourage conservation  and protection of the mountain environment.

2.4  To encourage club members to train to be capable of ensuring their own safety and the safety of Club members and guests in the mountain environment.

2.5   To make information on responsible use of the mountain environment available to club members and the public

2.6  To explore the historical and archaeological landscape

2.7   To create a series of themed walks around the Ring of Gullion based on outstanding historical and archaeological features and to work with other agencies to give them the status of way-marked trails

2.8  To negotiate agreed access to all upland and common-age grazing areas and neglected rights of way and explore opportunities for erection of signage and stiles.

2.9  To create materials for popularization and dissemination of historical and archaeological knowledge of the area

2.10 To disseminate expert knowledge of vernacular architecture and encourage the retention of ruined rural dwellings and ‘oul’ walls’

2.11 To promote health and well-being through walking and other physical activity and to encourage the creation of a network of local walking groups.

2.12 To support social, community and economic development in the border region by contributing to the tourism potential of hillwalking and related activities.

3.   Membership of the club

3.1   Membership of the Club shall be open to all adults who support its objectives and agree to abide by safety rules and the guidance and instructions of walk leaders. Members must recognise that in spite of the best efforts of walk leaders, hillwalking is an activity involving a degree of danger. Members shall be aware of and accept the risks involved and agree to be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

3.2   Club Membership is open to unaccompanied minors aged 16 or over who provide written consent to their membership from their parents or guardians. Participation by accompanied younger minors shall be at the discretion of leaders of individual walks.

3.3    Membership may be revoked by the Committee if a member deliberately compromises the safety or good discipline of members and walkers or refuses or encourages others to refuse the instructions of a walk leader or other person acting on behalf of the Club or its Committee. Failure to comply with one or more warnings from a walk leader shall be considered proof of deliberate intention to compromise safety or good discipline.

4.   Management of the club

4.1  The club will be controlled by its members acting in General Meeting. One of these meetings will be the Annual General Meeting at which the Club Committee will be elected.

4.2    Management of the Club between General Meetings shall be entrusted to the elected committee, who must act in accordance with the Constitution and the Rules of the Club. They may make decisions on matters not covered by Constitution or Rules but these must be approved by the next General Meeting.

4.3     The Committee will agree its own internal division of labour but must nominate three specific posts at its inaugural meeting: Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.  The Committee will consist of at least six persons and shall be empowered by its unanimous vote to co-opt up to four other members with specific expertise or qualities for part or all of each year.  Co-opted members have full voting rights. Half of the existing Committee  constitutes a quorum.

4.4   The Chairperson of the Club will normally preside at and chair all meetings of the Committee and General Meetings of the Club and shall be responsible for reporting to the Membership at the Club’s AGM.

4.5   The Committee shall nominate representatives of the Club to attend  other hillwalking bodies to which the Club may wish to affiliate.

4.6 The Club Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence relating to Club affairs and for giving notice of General meetings, and the writing and distribution of minutes from those meetings. The Secretary shall give, at least 30 clear days notice of such a meeting and its agenda. Items for inclusion should be submitted in writing at least 15 days prior to the AGM and communicated to the members at least 7 days before the AGM. The Secretary shall keep such records of Committee proceedings as the Committee may deem necessary. Nominations for new people going forward for positions on the Club Committee should be sent in writing to the Club Chairman or Secretary 15 days before the AGM.

4.7  The Treasurer shall collect subscriptions, operate bank accounts and account for all income and expenditure of the Club. A full financial report detailing income, out-goings and current balance of Club finances must be presented at the AGM by the Treasurer and made available for all members to examine. 4.8    The Committee must appoint an Assistant Treasurer.

7.   Club subscriptions

7.1   A General meeting shall have the power to set membership subscription levels for the Club

8.   Rules of the club

8.1   A General meeting shall have the power to set Club rules. Such rules shall be in accordance with the articles of the Club’s Constitution.

8.2  Any paid up member of the club is entitled to vote at General meetings.

8.3  Votes will be decided on a show of hands basis.

9.   Amendments to the constitution of the club 

9.1   This Constitution may be amended by a two thirds majority of those present and voting at a General Meeting.  Notice of any proposed amendment must be delivered as per 4.6 above.

9.2  The Club rules may be amended by a simple majority of those present and voting at a General Meeting. Notice of any proposed amendment must be delivered as per 4.6 above.