Summer Social Walk

Our “Summer Social Event 2018” takes place on Saturday 4th of August, with a walk and get together in Lily Finnegan’s Pub, Whitestown.

The walk will be around 3.5/4 hours, starting in Ravensdale and taking the forest trails across Moneycrockroe, before descending into the valley on the other side and picking up the road for 2/3 km then reaching, Glenmore, Barnavave and the deserted famine village pictured above. From there we will follow the Mass trails into Grange, where our bus will be waiting to transport us onwards to Lily Finnegan’s, for a BBQ and an evening of craic!

If you’re interested cost is £20/person which includes, bus to and from our base at the Gap O’ the North, Jonesborough and BBQ in Lily’s.  Meeting at the Gap O’ the North Pub, Jonesborough at 11.30, bus transfer to the starting point and leaving Lily’s around 7.30 pm for return to The Gap O’ the North, Jonesborough.

Check out the pictures on our Facebook page showing last year’s trip or go to Lily’s Facebook Page or website at the link: 

Names and money now being collected, please bring along to this Sunday’s, Long Woman’s Grave Walk. Only payment in full secures a place and the bus will be filled on “a first come, first served basis!

Thanks Paula

Long Woman’s Grave

Long Woman’s Grave

Our walks this Sunday, 22 of July, will start from the Long Woman’s Grave in the nearby Cooley Mountains. The story of the Long Woman makes interesting reading…

The Long Woman’s Grave is the grave of a Spanish noble woman who married Lorcan O’Hanlon, youngest son of the Chieftain of Omeath.  Lorcan owned a ship and on one of his voyages to Spain, he bravely saved the lives of a Spanish nobleman and his daughter. Lorcan was enchanted by the daughter Cauthleen, falling in love with the 7 ft beauty. Wooed by his professions of love and the promises of the “good life” in his kingdom in Omeath, the pair eloped and traveled back to Omeath. Lorcan eager to show his bride his kingdom, took her along the mountain path until they came to the Lug or Hollow in the rocks. Lorcan bade his bride to stand in the centre and look around as far as she could see as he “Was Lord of all she could survey”.

Cauthleen looked around, so great was her disappointment by what she saw that she fell to the ground and died. Lorcan, it is said, was horrified and flung himself into the murky waters of the marsh. His body was never recovered. The locals found the long woman’s body, and dug a grave for Cauthleen in the “Lug Bhan Fada” (Long woman’s hollow) where she lay.

All walkers to meet at the Gap O’ the North Pub Jonesborough for 10 am, for a walks’ briefing and carpooling. We would like to remind all walkers that we strictly adhere to a “Leave no Trace Policy”, taking nothing but photographs leaving nothing but footsteps. Further information can be found on our website page

The forecast is giving a warm but cloudy day, but it will be cooler in the hills, so please ensure you have a water/wind proof jacket. All walkers must be wearing walking boots, walking poles are recommended but not essential, bring a packed lunch.

We will have 2 Groups out, B Group our higher level, will take in Foxes’ Rock, Ravens’ Rock, the Split Rock, and on to Slieve Foye, before returning along the northern slope of Carlingford Mountain and tracing their steps back to the starting point. This route will be around 4.5 hours.

C Group will take in a different route from the same starting point, heading towards Carnawaddy and the mast at Black Mount, they will return by the Cadger’s Pad the  pathway used by the herring girls carrying their baskets from Omeath to the market in Dundalk.

New walkers are always welcome, for their first walk they must walk with our C Group, our slower paced group.

Brandy Pad Walk

Brandy Pad Walk

Some pictures of the views you can expect if you join us for our Mourne’s Walk this Sunday, 8th of July. We will have 2 groups out: Both groups will start at the same place -‘Happy Valley Car-park’ and both will finish in Newcastle – as this will be a linear walk a bus is organised cost £7/person, this will be filled on a “first come, first served basis”.

Meet at the Gap O’ the North pub Jonesborough, for 10 am walks’ briefing, we will leave promptly at 10.15 am, so  please be on time!

A rough outline of routes are as follows: B Group will take in Comedagh  en-route, at 767 m the second highest peak in the Mournes. C ‘s will follow the Brandy Pad  taking the Glen River track down. The Brandy Pad as the name suggests, was a route popular for smuggling brandy and other items in the eighteen hundreds. The story goes that it was used to smuggle items from the coast; coffee, tea, silk and ..brandy,  the track crosses the top of the two valleys,  to the “Hare’s Gap”, from here goods could be dispersed in different directions to get out of the mountains and into the surrounding lands.
If you fancy joining us you will need, walking boots and a water/wind proof jacket, bring a packed lunch. Sun cream will be essential as we will be walking for around 4 hours. Allowing  an hour’s travel time in each direction, we should be back in Jonesborough, around 5 pm.

Glens Of Antrim

Glens Of Antrim

This weekend, Saturday, 23rd of June, we are travelling to Antrim and to the “Queen of the Glens”, Glenariff  were our walk will begin. In total we will walk for around 4 hours, covering around 10 kms and climbing around 400 m.  The first section will be the steepest, but that won’t matter as we will be taking in the spectacular views, along the Glenariff waterfalls .  Once onto the open moorland on top Lurig Mountain, we should have panoramic views across the Glens and coast and if we are lucky with the weather, across to Scotland!

We are leaving Jonesborough by bus at 9 am, we are aiming to be walking shortly after 11.00 and back into Cushendall before 4 pm. A BBQ  is organised for 5 pm, music is lined up in Mc Collum’s Pub between 6 and 7 pm and the bus will be leaving for home between 7.30/8 pm, we should be arriving back at “The Gap” around 10 pm. So another action packed, fun filled day, for only £30!!!

All walkers must have walking boots and a waterproof jacket, bring a packed lunch. Midges may be a problem so you might like to bring some midge spray along.

For more information about The Glens of Antrim check out the link below…



This Sunday, 10th of June we are staying local and walking in the Forkhill area on Croslieve. Great views of the area and lots of geological and historical interest, with: a glacial erratic, Jackson’s Folly, Glendesha Mass Rock and old cottages!

If you’d like to join us, we meet at 10 am in the Gap O’ the North Pub, Jonesborough, for a walks/safety briefing and to car pool. All walkers must have walking boots, a waterproof jacket and a packed lunch. Your first walk with us is free, thereafter membership is £20 or 25 Euros for the year.

Members please note this will be your last chance to get your name down for our Glens of Antrim Walk on Saturday 23rd of June, our walk will take us from Glenariff Waterfalls up onto Lurig mountain and into Cushendall. The price is £30 which includes, bus, BBQ and music in the pub afterwards! The bus is filled on a first come, first served basis with only payment in full securing a seat, with a limited number of places still available, you wouldn’t want to miss out!