Pierce’s Castle

Next walk: Sunday, 3rd September :

Pierce’s Castle, The Mournes

🏰 But don’t be expecting any fairy tale castles…handsome Princes…or needy Princesses…

Pierce’s castle gets its name from a rocky outcrop of granite which resembles a castle…

🤴👸And what of our walkers???  Well… come along and check for yourself!

🏰 We will have 2 Groups out, with walks varying in pace and distance.

🏰 New walkers are very welcome, but must walk with our C Group for their first walk.

All Walkers will need:

🥾 deep thread walking boots
🧥a wind/water proof jacket
🥪a packed lunch
💦plenty of water
🕶️ shades/ sunscreen (hopefully 🤞🏻)

Expect to be out around 3.5/ 4 hours on open hillside with rough terrain in places.

⛅️Rumour has it better weather is on its way!

Meet at Gap o’ the North Pub, Jonesborough @10 am for walk info and safety briefing.

🏁There is limited parking at our starting point so we will be car pooling.

All those members heading to Achill in October, there are only 3 walks before we go and we expect to see you out on the hills before then!