Club Members,

Please note our Annual General Meeting (AGM), takes place this Sunday, 15th of March,  after our walk (approx.@ 3.30 pm). It is open to all fully, paid up members for this outgoing year 2019/20.

I feel that it is important in this the year in which we will celebrate our 10th anniversary, that as many of our Members are in attendance as possible. It is an opportunity for members to catch up and for the out going Committee to report back to you, on the past year. I would also like to have the opportunity to inform/discuss with you some of the exciting ideas which have been put forward to mark this our 10th year.

I would like that all Members have the opportunity to have an input into the AGM, but in the interests of fairness and time, there is a protocol to follow, please refer to the Club’s website page in particular the section outlining the Club’s constitution and the agreed procedures and protocol with regards to the AGM.

I’m  looking forward to catching up with and speaking to you all on Sunday,


Sean – (Chairperson)