Long Woman’s Grave

Our walks this Sunday, 22 of July, will start from the Long Woman’s Grave in the nearby Cooley Mountains. The story of the Long Woman makes interesting reading…

The Long Woman’s Grave is the grave of a Spanish noble woman who married Lorcan O’Hanlon, youngest son of the Chieftain of Omeath.  Lorcan owned a ship and on one of his voyages to Spain, he bravely saved the lives of a Spanish nobleman and his daughter. Lorcan was enchanted by the daughter Cauthleen, falling in love with the 7 ft beauty. Wooed by his professions of love and the promises of the “good life” in his kingdom in Omeath, the pair eloped and traveled back to Omeath. Lorcan eager to show his bride his kingdom, took her along the mountain path until they came to the Lug or Hollow in the rocks. Lorcan bade his bride to stand in the centre and look around as far as she could see as he “Was Lord of all she could survey”.

Cauthleen looked around, so great was her disappointment by what she saw that she fell to the ground and died. Lorcan, it is said, was horrified and flung himself into the murky waters of the marsh. His body was never recovered. The locals found the long woman’s body, and dug a grave for Cauthleen in the “Lug Bhan Fada” (Long woman’s hollow) where she lay.

All walkers to meet at the Gap O’ the North Pub Jonesborough for 10 am, for a walks’ briefing and carpooling. We would like to remind all walkers that we strictly adhere to a “Leave no Trace Policy”, taking nothing but photographs leaving nothing but footsteps. Further information can be found on our website page www.gapothenorth.co.uk.

The forecast is giving a warm but cloudy day, but it will be cooler in the hills, so please ensure you have a water/wind proof jacket. All walkers must be wearing walking boots, walking poles are recommended but not essential, bring a packed lunch.

We will have 2 Groups out, B Group our higher level, will take in Foxes’ Rock, Ravens’ Rock, the Split Rock, and on to Slieve Foye, before returning along the northern slope of Carlingford Mountain and tracing their steps back to the starting point. This route will be around 4.5 hours.

C Group will take in a different route from the same starting point, heading towards Carnawaddy and the mast at Black Mount, they will return by the Cadger’s Pad the  pathway used by the herring girls carrying their baskets from Omeath to the market in Dundalk.

New walkers are always welcome, for their first walk they must walk with our C Group, our slower paced group.