Membership and Club Rules



Our membership re-opens at the beginning of April… If you have thought of joining us you would be most welcome, membership is £20 or €25 /year.  We have few rules and regulations, those that we do have are mostly for safety on the hillside, not just for the individual but also for the Group as a whole. Please see a summary below and if you would still like to join us come along on one of our walks.

We are next walking on Sunday 21st of February in the Cooleys, more information about this walk will follow over the next few days.


W – We are a Hill Walking Club, we climb hills and mountains, you will need a degree of fitness for even our C group, (our lowest level Group), what we do is not comparable to road walking, if keeping clean, dry and walking on the flat is your thing then …. perhaps we are not for you.

As a rough guide we think that you need to be comfortably capable of walking from the lower courtyard car park at Slieve Gullion forest park via the forest drive and take the new mountain path from the upper car-park to the summit cairn (cave) and back in 3 hours. This walk is approximately 10km and climbs 450 m but is all on both tarmac forest drive and very good mountain paths. This should mean that you are fit enough for our C group. This is only a guide to a minimum level of fitness required.

   Always- obey the walks leader, they scout, plan and know the route. Group Safety is our number 1 priority therefore we operate a strict frontman / backman code on all our walks, if you fail to comply with this rule you will not be permitted to walk with us. Passing the leader or trying to push the pace endangers the safety of the group, if this is what you want to do, join a running club, we are not the club for you!!

L      Leave- no trace is our abiding principle, “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”. Respect the environment: take home all litter, (even what you might consider to be biodegradable), close gates, avoid livestock cross ditches/gates only at the appointed spots.

Remember rambling rights are limited in NI, often we walk on land owned outright, if we are forbidden to walk across ground by the owner we respect it without argument.

K     Kit- being properly kitted out is important for safety but will also make your walking experience more enjoyable. Proper waterproof walking boots with deep tread (no runners or fell /walking shoes) are a must, as is a waterproof raincoat and appropriate cold weather clothing, including hats & gloves, (at all times of the year). Layers are best, jeans are forbidden. Water and a packed lunch are needed. All should be carried in a personal rucksack.

       Scenery, seasons and sites– Take the time to look around and enjoy the breath taking scenery, watch the fauna and flora change with the seasons and marvel at the over 2,000 historical sites which are to be found within the fabulous Ring of Gullion.