Slieve Binnian

The world famous author C.S Lewis, who wrote, `The Chronicles of Narnia’ was inspired by the Mourne landscape. He wrote “it made me feel that at any moment a giant might raise its head over the next ridge”.  On our next hill walk, this Sunday 27th May, we might spot a giant among the  inspiring rocks on the summit of Slieve Binnian the 3rd highest peak in Northern Ireland.

Our B and C groups, respectively led by Aidan and Peter, will walk at different paces and return along different routes. After a short bus trip, both groups will climb to the unique rock shapes and view spectacular scenery including Silent Valley and Crom reservoirs, most of the central Mournes and much of the north-eastern coast and the Isle of Man.

The walks will be about 4-5 hours duration starting and returning to Carrick Little car park on the head road near Annalong. If we get away from the ‘Gap’ sharply by 10.30am we should be back there between 5-6 pm. Dry sunny weather is forecast so wear sun cream and a hat and bring sufficient water and food for the whole day as well as the standard walking gear. A walk not to be missed!!!