The Townlands of Dromintee Parish

The townlands of Dromintee Parish including those in Louth with Irish names and meanings.

This JohnRoque1760 pdf shows the first proper map of the area, made by John Roque in 1760 as part of a survey of Co. Armagh. An original printed on linen can be seen in Newry Museum. The interesting thing is that there is no Finnegans Road, for the simple reason that all the low-lying land in Dromintee, Adavoyle and Faughiletra/otra was still bog which had not yet been cut away to make farms. If you wanted to get from Dromintee to Jonesborough the choice was to go by Ballynamadda and Carrickbroad to join the old coach road coming down past Moyra Castle  (by 1760 the coaches were using the new road through Edenappa). Or you could go by Barrawully and the line of what is now the Station Road and across the Molly.

In 1771 two men called Taylor and Skinner published the first guide showing all the coach roads of Ireland. If you look closely at the right-hand panel you will see that the road now known as the B113 Forkhill Road is referred to as the Carrickasticken Road.

The  two attachments Dromad Mill and Flurry Mills show just how many mills there were on the Flurry between Dromad and the sea in the 1800s.