Walk Sunday 8th Dec….Surprise!!

Surprise!!! You are just going to have to turn up to see whats happening on this week walk!
But it’s a new walk. Its one group. And some emergency services! 🤔😯😮. And a few other wee surprises 💝.  It’s very highly recommend as many of our walkers attend this walk, it’s a great opportunity for us to learn something new and to observe some life saving scenarios and will be great fun.

Expect to be out around 3.5/4hr near  Ravensdale, you must make sure to have enough warm clothes – hat, gloves, extra layers, as we will be standing for a short period.

All walkers should meet at the Gap o’the North Pub at 10am for registration and a walks/safety briefing.
🚩All walkers must have walking boots, a waterproof jacket &hat.
🚩Bring a packed lunch.
🚩Sticks are highly advisable for this walk, and every walk.